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Product name - Paithani Saree

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Paithani Sarees are considered to be the richest sarees ever made in Indian history, made in the small town Paithan in Maharashtra are the most exquisite and finest silk sarees in the country today. An art form that has been prevalent from over 2000 years, the origin of Paithani silk sarees is traced back to 200BC in the Satvahana era in the city of Pratishthan by river Godavari and since then has impressed first the Peshwas then the Mughals and the Nizams of Hyderabad who weremotivated to not just patronize these silk sarees from Paithan but introduce many new motifs and patterns which went on to become famous designs seen in the best of paithani sarees collection today. Authentic handloom paithani sarees comprise of signature peacock designed ornamental zari pallu and oblique square designed border in gold and silver threads and make a beautiful piece of art.

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