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Product name - Tussar saree

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Tussar sarees are one of the most favored sarees today. Made from tussar silk, they come in a variety of hues and win hands down over other traditional silk sarees in their rich and elegant textured looks. Made from cocoons of larvae of a variety of wild silk worms, tussar silk sarees are known for their natural dull gold sheen. Due to their porous and airy fabric, tussar silk sarees are cooler, lighter and more comfortable to drape. Their laudable quality to be able to take up colors quite easily lend them the freedom to get woven in a variety of colors from the light tones such as beige or golden honey, to the darker and brighter hues like pinks and reds. Associated with luxury and sophistication, tussar silk sarees online are considered to be very auspicious to wear on special occasions. Women of all age groups love these silk sarees and find place in their wardrobes in the form of contemporary and stylish drapes.

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