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We are a reputed company and if you are interested to buy North Indian Ethnic wear in India then this is the place to be. Our products are of an exceptionally high quality while our prices are very much affordable. There are different kinds of sarees popular in the Northern part of India. Our online stores provide you with a variety of different kinds of sarees and you have the option of choosing from amongst them.

Different types of North Indian sarees

North Indian traditional wear consist three different kinds of sarees and you can go through the given discussion below to know about these sarees better.

· Tussar Sarees:

These sarees are one of the best and are available in a variety of hues and colours. They are regarded as the best kind of traditional silk sarees. They have a rich and elegant look. These sarees are made of cocoons of the larvae of different kind of silkworms. These sarees have a dull gold sheen and this kind of fabric is very much airy and porous. They are also quite light and cool and are very easy to drape. They have a laudable quality and they are easily able to take up a lot of colours. So they can be woven in a variety of colours. This kind of sarees are associated with luxury and sophistication and are suitable to be worn in different kinds of occasions.

· Chanderi Sarees:

These sarees are the most beautiful kind of sarees and originated in Chanderi which is in the Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh. These sarees are a mix of modern as well as contemporary techniques and are available in beautiful colours and contemporary motifs.

· Chikankari Sarees:

These are sarees that are hand embroidered and have an elegant and a distinct style. They belong to Lucknow which is the land of the nawabs. There are certain patterns in these sarees that are quite simple and there are certain other patterns that are complex and detailed and can only be done by expert craftsmen.

Why should you buy sarees from our online stores?

We are specialists in North Indian Traditional wear and ensure that these sarees are delivered to you without any kind of hassles. You will have the option of choosing sarees from a variety of options. We also provide you with these sarees at an optimal price.

Tussar saree

Tussar sarees are one of the most favored sarees today. Made from tussar silk, they come in a variety of hues and win hands down over other traditional silk sarees in their rich and elegant textured looks.

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Chanderi Saree

Chanderi sarees are country’s prettiest sarees from Chanderi which situated in the heart of the country, is the heartland of handloom weaving in India.

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Chikan saree

Chikankari sarees are elegant and distinct style of hand embroidered sarees from the Nawabi land of Lucknow that are made with white untwisted yarn sewed with needle by hand on fine six yards of viol, silk, georgette or cotton.

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