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Want to buy tussar silk sarees or tussar silk suits? Get it from Divine Fashionista.com which is considered to be one of the most reliable online stores available.We are also considered to be the biggest tussar silk sarees, manufacturers. Again if you own a boutique for yourself then buying tussar silk at a wholesale price from our store will certainly be a good option.

How is Tussar silk made?

The other name of tussar silk is Kosa silk. Tusar silk is made up of silk that is obtained from caterpillars belonging to the different species. This silk is made from that silkworm that is bred in certain trees like Arjun and Sal which are found in the Jharkhand forests. In fact, tussar silk is said to be more textured than mulberry as well as Bombyx silk. Fibers that are used in this kind of silk are quite short and so it is not very durable. This silk also has a dull gold polish. The cocoons from which this silk is made are derived from forests and so they are referred to as the forest product.

How to maintain this kind of silk?

· The first and the most important way to maintain this kind of silk is to dry clean it.

· Once you have dry cleaned the silk, it is not at all recommended to wrap it in plastic because the fabric needs to breathe properly.

· In order to clean this fabric, you can make use of a mild liquid soap and cold water

Why choose Divine Fashionista.com?

· We are one of the most reputed tussar silk wholesalers available and so the products that we provide are of an exceptionally high quality.

· If you want to buy tussar silk sarees wholesale then you can get it from here because we provide you these sarees at a very reasonable price.

If you are planning to buy tussar silk suits wholesale or tussar silk sarees at a wholesale price then this is the perfect choice for you.

Tussar Silk Salwar

Tussar Silk, also known as ‘Kosa’ Silk , is made from silk obtained from several species of caterpillars, of the moth genus Antheraea. Known as ‘wild silk’, this name is given because the silkworms breed on trees like Sal and Arjun found in the forests of Jharkhand.

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