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Product name - Phulkari salwar

Product Description:

Exquisite Flowery Arrangements On Fabrics

India has many locations of heirloom excellence where unique and exquisite craftsmanship has flourished over the ages and continue to enthrall as traditional art that has seamlessly fused with trending tastes to appear on fashion fabrics. A fine example of such would be the Phulkari; an ethnic offering from Punjab.

The art of Phulkari

Phulkari is the flowery pattern silk embroidery that is unique in its exquisite floral appeal. Phulkari exclusively adorns the wedding and festival salwar kameez of Punjabi women, but has also in recent times stormed the market for fashion fabrics with a new appeal in fusion. Phulkari or “flower work” is embroidery that rural women in Punjab engage in, in their spare time.

The way Phulkari is done

The embroidery is generally done on a heavy plain cotton fabric called Khaddar. It is done on the wrong side of it using costly floss silk called Pat. The patterns are never drawn beforehand and the threads have to be counted to get the design accurately. The densely packed floral design and other themes of everyday life hand embroidered by the womenfolk who engage in it, sometimes takes upto a year to complete.

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