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The popularity of Phulkari suits

Phulkari can be considered to be one of the best examples of unique and gorgeous craftsmanship. Here traditional art has blended very well with the contemporary taste. It is for this reason that it has become such a popular fashion fabric. Phulkari has originated from Punjab. It is silk embroidery that has flowery patterns and its floral look is attractive and beautiful. It is the salwar kameez that is worn in festivals. This is embroidery that is done by the rural women of Punjab.

Phulkari is done on a cotton fabric that is known by the name of khaddar. This embroidery is done on the wrong side of the khaddar and a very costly silk called pat is used in it. In order to do these designs properly, you have to count the threads. This takes almost a year to complete and is done mainly by the womenfolk.

If you are planning to buy designer salwar suits wholesale then buying phulkari would certainly be a good option.

Why choose Divine Fashionistas.com for buying phulkaries?

· We get these phulkaris directly from the manufacturers. As a result, we are able to provide you with some of the based phulkari salwar suits at a very evenhanded price.

· We ensure that the customer is able to get the things that he has ordered absolutely hassle free.

· We provide you with unique designs and if you want we can also customize these suits for the customers.

· We also ensure that the suit that we send you is perfectly tailored as well.

If you buy salwar suits from our store then you can be rest assured that we will provide you with good quality products at a very reasonable price.

Phulkari salwar

India has many locations of heirloom excellence where unique and exquisite craftsmanship has flourished over the ages and continue to enthrall as traditional art that has seamlessly fused with trending tastes to appear on fashion fabrics.

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