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Want to buy Patiala salwar wholesale in India? Get it from Divine Fashionista.com

Patiala suits are very popular among women in India. These suits are comfortable and stylish at the same time. We at Divine Fashionista.com have been dealing with these kinds of Patiala suits for a very long time. We also have some Patiala suits that are similar to that of the ones worn by many film stars in their movies. We also provide you with the best Patiala salwar wholesale in India.

What are Patiala salwar suits?

The Patiala salwar suits are originated in the Patiala city of Punjab. Initially, this was the traditional wear of the king of Patiala. But later it became the dress of the women folk in the Northern part of India. These suits are very similar to the Pathani suits. These dresses are very popular among women in Punjab because they are very comfortable as well as durable and are suitable to be worn in summers. These suits are quite loose and have pleats that are stitched together. There are a number of clothes folded together and are stitched at the bottom. Patiala suits, therefore, need double the materials to stitch.

You can wear Patiala suits with different kinds of tops

You have the option of wearing Patialas with different kinds of tops. You can wear it either with a long or with a short shirt. These days there are girls who even wear it with a T-shirt. Wearing it with a T-shirt helps them to get both Western as well as an Asian look. But the most popular top used with a Patiala is a short kameez.

Why choose Divine Fashionisa.com?

· We are the greatest Patiala salwar manufacturer in India. So the products that we sell are of very good quality.

· We ensure that you get the product is delivered within the given time.

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Patiala Salwar Kameez

This is a Punjabi wear, looks superbly classic at any party and festive event with patiala salwar kameez.

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