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05 / Oct

Saree Buying Guides for NRIs & Foreigners

Sarees have now become a world-famous garment. Not only Indian women but also non-resident Indian women as well as foreign women are smitten by the varieties and designs of this traditional Indian wear. Women living in Indian may not have found much difficulty in purchasing such dress materials because they have friends and parents to guide for this. But NRIs and foreigners can face problem in purchasing the right one. They may get confused at the spot of purchasing and may leave the idea of buying it. Therefore, the article is providing some necessary guidelines especially for them to follow.

Give Answer of these Questions

  • How many different types of sarees?
  • Do you know about handloom sarees?
  • What do you know about eco-friendly sarees?
  • Which sarees are the best for autumn, summer or winter?
  • Do you know the specific design that can give you flattering look?
  • What is the festival for which you are purchasing?

These questions are related to the basic knowledge of this kind of dress materials. Can you give answers to them? If not, it means you need to do some homework on this garment. Anything you want to buy requires some homework on it so that you can able to buy the best one. The same thing you need to apply for this traditional wear.

Importance of the Fabric

Sarees are not something that you can carry so easily. Therefore, the comfort level is judged by the fabric you have selected for the product.


Sarees made of silk are eco-friendly as silk is a natural fabric. It doesn’t harm the skin. At the same time, as we all know that, silk dresses are not so heavy. They are lightweight. One can choose Ikat silk and Shambhalpuri. They are so comfortable to carry and need lower maintenance.


It is seen that foreigners are comfortable with cotton fabric. For them, cotton sarees are available such as Bengal Cotton Handloom and Dhakai Jamdani. These are good for summer and spring seasons. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Georgette, Chiffon

These fabrics are gained from silk. Georgette and chiffon sarees are categorised under fancy fashions. If you like to add colour or hue to your style, sarees of these fabrics can be considered. They are also lightweight and need lower maintenance.

Border of the Sarees

While buying this traditional Indian wear, give some minutes to think of the border style. It is necessary to know which type of border can make you look appealing. According to fashion experts:

Petite & lean should choose a thinner border saree because the broader the border, fattier you will look.

Tall & Thin can look for a thick border to find some fuller look.

Fat & petite should also choose sleek borders to get the best look.

Plump & tall women can select medium ranged border.

Identifying the Quality & Pricing

Replica of exclusive sarees is readily available such as Kalamkari and Kanjeevaram. To avoid purchasing fake product, we, Divine Fashionistas, always suggest you to shop from reputed Indian saree suppliers. But before shopping, check the address details of the supplier and work experience. Pricing of fake saree can be much lower than the real one. For example, the pricing of a hand-printed kalamkari will be costlier than the machine printed.

Colour of the Traditional Wear

In terms of colour, you can select on the basis of other dresses you choose to wear.

Women with dark complexion can go with illuminated colours like khadi, off-white, and orange.

Women with fair complexion can buy the traditional wear of different colours. They can choose both dark and light colours.

Olive complexion women can select pastel hues like sunlight yellow, peach, and turquoise.

Buy Online to Find Varieties at Attractive Prices

Since you are an NRI or foreigner, you can shop online. Many reputed Indian online fashion stores supply products to many major countries. Divine Fashionistas is one of them. It is one of the most reliable and reputed saree exporters in Sri Lanka and many other SAARC countries as well as USA, Canada, UK and other parts of the world. The online store has varieties to fit your needs. Original handmade fancy sarees are available suit to your style.


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