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26 / Sep

Guide to Wear Saris for Different Body Shapes


Fashion is all about dressing up in the way that suits to your body and makes you look attractive. No woman can go wrong with saris but what is necessary to consider is the type of saree suits to her body shape, colour and age.

Let’s see how to choose the perfect sari for yourself considering the body shape in mind.

Pear-Shaped Body

Women with pear-shaped body have a heavier bottom as compared to their upper body. Such women should opt for saris of chiffon and georgette because these fabrics will grace the body by balancing out the upper and lower part. Wear “Seedha Pallu” style to find the body look proportionate. Drape the saree below your navel to add glamour and style. You can wear different bold and bright colors like black, navy, deep green, charcoal and purple. Keep yourself away from mermaid cuts because it would draw unnecessary attention to your lower part. Embroidery design, small prints and beautiful borders can jazz up the style.

Overweight Women

You are overweight. It doesn’t mean that saris will not go well with you. Overweight women can gracefully opt for silk and chiffon saris. Ikat silk sarees can enhance their look. You can choose a dark color like black and dark blue. The Ikat silk helps to hide your body flaws more than chiffon. You should avoid purchasing cotton and stiff fabrics as they will make you look bigger and broader.

Slim Figure

Slim women can choose silk, cotton, and organza.  Dhakai Zamdani, Bengal Cotton Handlooms, and Ikat silk sarees can look fabulous on you. These styles will give you a fuller figure. Choose heavy embroidery and beadwork if you are comfortable to carry heavy sarees. Bold printing in different colors can suit much on you. As you are slim, team up the saree with fashionable blouses like backless, halter neck and tube blouses. Avoid chiffon and georgette as they will make you look thinner.

Short & Slim Women

Women who are not so tall but fortunately slim can go with silk and cotton sarees. Instead of a broader border, you can choose a thin border as it will make you look tall. Avoid big prints and choose small prints.

Voluptuous Figure

Women with the figure should choose chiffon, georgette, and net fabrics. You can wear the saris in the way that they highlight your curves. Dark color with light embroidery can go well with you. Make sure the border has flexibility instead of stiffness so that it can have a good fall to make you look slimmer. Silk sarees can also look good.

Apple-Shaped Women

Women who have heavy waist and stomach, it means you are apple-shaped. Choose sarees with beautiful embroidery work. It will complement your body type by hiding your flaws. To hide your waist you can wrap the saree a little higher. Ikat silk, Sambalpuri saree, and Bengali cotton handloom can look good. Avoid net fabric. Ulta-Pallu style can look better on you as compared to Seedha-Pallu.

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