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22 / Nov

Different Bengali Sarees to Make You Standout

When it comes to Bengali community, its food and ethnic wears are one of the most noticeable factors. People from many communities are inspired from the rich and classy ethnic look of Bengalis, especially attires of Bengali’s women. Bengali sarees are a perfect amalgamation of creativity and passion. Intricate designs and vibrant colours make the saris one of the best all-time-favorite ethnic wears. Scroll down to learn the different types of designer and handloom Bengali saris to make you look stunning.

Taant Saree

Most of the saree lovers know about Taant. It is one of the best handlooms given by the creative Bengal textile industry. It is an eco-friendly garment which features broad red anchal and the complete bodice in milky white colour. This is a light-weight saree so easy to carry. The saree is produced in large scale in Murshidabad, Hooghly and Dhaka in Bangladesh. The demand of the traditional attire is higher during Durga festival (one of the most respected festivals in Hindu) and many other festivals of Bengalis. Red and white combination gives the attire and elegant look. Almost all Bengali’s women of all ages like to have at least one Tant sari in their wardrobe. The craze of the garment is gradually spreading to other culture. So, the demand has risen a bit more.

Style Tips

  • To get a stunning look in the attire, pair it with a red or pure golden blouse
  • You can choose modern blouses but usually puff sleeve blouses help to get a complete traditional look

Tussar Saree

The market of the garment is very demanding in almost all parts of India and abroad. It is produced on a large scale in Kolkata, West Bengal. The prime attractions of the garment are its patta and the buti style which attract attention. Many of its saris have Kantha stitch. Women who are fond of silk can accessorize their wardrobe with Tussar slik saris. The shine and smooth textures attract attention. It is also known as Kosa Silk sari which is produced in Bhagalpur, Bihar and Malda district of West Bengal.

Style Tips

  • Stylize yourself with half sleeve contrast colour blouse with the garment
  • Give a traditional touch with Jhumkas or a beautiful necklace
  • Wear a pointed heel to give a sexy and sleek look to yourself

Dhakai Jamdani

This is one of the finest muslin textile productions of West and East Bengal. The pure cotton sari has beautiful floral or figure designs. The exquisite garment is light weight and is perfect to wear during humid seasons because it is airy. It is partially sheer, so you can get a perfect combo of modern and traditional look. The name of the attire is inspired from Dhaka from where it has taken beautiful floral and designer works.

Style Tips

  • Accessorize the beautiful garment with big sized earrings or a vibrant necklace if you are getting ready of a wedding like grand parties
  • Carry a folded clutch get a vintage look

Matka Silk Saree

The pure silk wear has slight rough like tweed but the shine is strong. The adorable texture is gained from the sericin coating on the yarn. The lustre of the garment will make you look outstanding from the crowd. The pure silk is made from the thickest mulberry silkworm yarns.

Style Tips

  • To look elegant and classy, combine the garment with antique gold necklace and stud earrings
  • Wear a flat pair of Rajasthani or Gujarati style sleepers

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