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20 / Sep

Buy The Sarees that Never Go Out of Style

The festive season is around the corner and you have started revamping your wardrobe to stay trendy. But do you ever calculate that how much you have spent every year to look attractive during festivals? Why not do something out of the box which saves your money, time and effort. At the same time, keep your look attractive and trendy. How about keeping the fashion pieces in your wardrobe that never go out of style? Start with collecting those sarees that you can drape time and again. Sarees are all-time favorite Indian wear. Any occasions whether Durga Puja, Diwali or Holi, women of all age group like to drape the ethnic wear.  Instead of keeping one piece of saree to wear on occasions, carry several pieces (around 10). So when you repeat one style after many days, it is sure that people will not notice it as this one you have already worn.

Lets see different types of sarees to grace your look and style.

Dhakai Zamdani

The saree is a specialty of Dhaka in Bangladesh and most Bengali women like the ethnic wear to drape during grand Hindu festivals and their personal occasions. It has refined quality thread-work which is called the Zamdani style. The saree has its own glaze. You can team the beautiful saree with a contrast or same color blouse. Carry the simplicity by wearing an ethnic style hair bun, Jhumka, and bangles. The plain red and white Zamdani can be worn on this Durga Puja which is a must-have saree of every Bengali woman.

Ikat Silk

Ikat is a resist dye technique which is similar to tie-dye where dyed threads are wound around the fabric. Thus, beautiful designs come up. The silk fabric is used for Ikat work. As you know silk is one of the most highly recommended fabrics. Sarees of the fabric are lightweight and easy to maintain. Women who want to stay trendy can buy Ikat silk sarees. They are loom-woven traditional masterpieces. They are woven in the manner that each dyed yarns come out perfectly in the finished cloth. Ikat has different types-Wrap, Weft, Double, and Pasapalli. The Pasapalli Ikat is one of the gorgeous saree of Odisha.

Batik Kantha Saree

Batik is the method of decorating the cloth using wax and dye. The wax part is prevented from coloring to find beautiful designs. The dyeing technique has been practicing for centuries. Not only India but also Indonesia and Java, Batik work is famous. It is a hand –dyeing technique so the Batik sarees are exclusive. The fashion of the Batik work has never gone out of fashion. You can wear Batik sarees of different color on different occasions. Indian Batik workers produce the finest quality Batik designs. Each fabric displays the rich artwork of India. The Batik saris grace the body of every complexion.

Sambalpuri Saris

They are handloom silk saris of Odisha. They are lightweight and perfect for Office wear and several other functions. Women who love simplicity can go with the style. It is a kind of traditional hand-woven Ikat where the warp and the weft are tie-dyed before weaving. They are known for their traditional motifs like shell, chakra, and flower. Indira Gandhi (former prime minister of India) played an important role in the popularity of the sari. She started wearing it and in 1980 the fashion of the sari was at its peak. Today, it is worn by many Indian women and even foreigners who travel India and love Indian culture.

Divine Fashionistas is one of the prominent ethnic saree exporters in India, USA, UK and SAARC countries. It has a huge collection of top quality Sambalpuri, Batik, Ikat, Bengali and Gujarati saris. Each style is handpicked from leading saree manufacturers in India. The evergreen collection can be bought for the best prices in the garment industry. They are exported in discreet shipping in the right time frame. So, get ready to choose your style.


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