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01 / Feb

Fashion is something that is evolving the same way as we are! No matter how much you deny that the looks don’t matter but let us just be honest here, it does matter.

A lot! Everybody wants to look good today, wear what is on trend. No one in the right state of mind today will walk out wearing 80s bell-buttons. India is a country with really rich culture be it in …  

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29 / Dec

Types of Orissa Ethnic Saris to Revamp Your Wardrobe

Orissa is known for its rich heritage, culture and art. It is also popular for its saris. The state has many loom saris manufacturers who are perfect in the art of making beautiful saris which hav…  

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22 / Nov

Different Bengali Sarees to Make You Standout

When it comes to Bengali community, its food and ethnic wears are one of the most noticeable factors. People from many communities are inspired from the rich and classy ethnic look of Bengalis, especi…  

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08 / Nov

5 Pretty Odisha Sarees You Should Possess

When it comes to getting a traditional Indian look, what does the attire come first in your mind? It is undoubtedly a pretty saree. We are in the 21st but the glory of saree has not faded yet. It is s…  

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13 / Oct

How to Buy Salwar Kameez from Salwar Suits Exporters

Undoubtedly, shopping is the sweetest devil that prompts every woman and raises the heartbeat of every man. Shopping is actually a skill that needs to be polished through shopping guides and self-obse…  

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05 / Oct

Saree Buying Guides for NRIs & Foreigners

Sarees have now become a world-famous garment. Not only Indian women but also non-resident Indian women as well as foreign women are smitten by the varieties and designs of this traditional Indian wea…  

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